Improve your sales conversion rates

Gone are the days of blind conversations on social media or the frustration of sending cold emails that go unnoticed. KORI's innovative approach revolves around leveraging the power of warm introductions. Through our platform, sales teams gain access to a network of verified connections who are ready to provide high-quality referrals. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to qualified leads.

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Cold Lead Conversion Rate


Warm Lead Conversion Rate

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In terms of the response rate, how often do your cold emails remain unanswered, in contrast to the ease of establishing connections when you receive a recommendation from someone, whether it's for a potential client or target organization?

with us you get

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Verified Partnerships

Our verification process ensures that listed partnerships are credible, increasing the trust factor.

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Enhanced Search

Use KORI to search for potential partners or clients based on specific criteria, such as industry, location, or business size.

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Ratings and Reviews

We guide sales teams in deciding which companies to approach, reducing the risk of unreliable or unresponsive contacts.

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Networking Platform

Our networking features that allow sales teams to interact with each other, join communities, and participate in discussions.

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KORI: Unlocking Sales Success through the Power of Network Connections.🙆️

By leveraging the extensive network of verified connections on KORI, sales teams can tap into a vast pool of potential referrals.

Whether it's a prospect in a specific industry, a decision-maker at a target company, or a potential strategic partner, KORI ensures that you have access to the right people at the right time.

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Perfect fit regardless of your specific budget

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Start Up

$9.99/Per Month

  • 100 KORI Points
  • Link Calendly
  • Link Google Meet
  • Renewable on demand
100 Free KORI Points
No credit card required*

Small Business

$29.99/Per Month

  • 1000 KORI Points
  • Link Zoom
  • Link CRM
  • Renewable on demand
100 Free KORI Points
No credit card required*

Enterprise Team

$49.99/Per Month

  • Unlimited KORI Points
  • All Intergrations
  • Set up assistant
  • Renewable on demand
100 Free KORI Points
No credit card required*

Integrate KORI with 10+ popular tools

Google Meet

Thanks to KORI, our sales team has reached new heights of success, and our business growth has exceeded all expectations.

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Deepak Doe

Senior Marketing Manager

Some FAQs about KORI

KORI is a sales-focused startup that revolutionizes the way sales teams connect and convert leads. It functions like LinkedIn but with a unique emphasis on warm introductions for enhanced sales conversion rates. Through KORI, sales professionals gain access to a network of verified connections who can provide high-quality referrals. Instead of relying on blind conversations on social media or cold emails, KORI connects users directly to individuals within their network who are willing to facilitate introductions. This approach leverages existing relationships, accelerates sales processes, and drives improved sales performance and business growth.
KORI benefits startups by providing enhanced sales conversion rates through targeted and qualified leads sourced from a network of verified connections. It saves time and resources by focusing on warm introductions, expands your professional network, and accelerates business growth by driving tangible sales results and revenue growth.
Joining KORI and listing your startup is easy. Simply sign up on the KORI website or app, complete your profile with your startup details, verify your account where necessary, and start leveraging the power of warm introductions to boost your sales conversion rates and connect with verified connections who can provide valuable referrals for your startup's success.
Yes, on KORI, you can search for specific types of organizations or partners that align with your business goals. The platform allows you to utilize search filters to narrow down your search based on various criteria such as industry, location, company size, and more. By specifying your preferences, you can find relevant organizations or partners that can potentially collaborate with your startup and contribute to its growth. KORI's search functionality enables you to connect with the right people and expand your network strategically.
KORI takes the security and privacy of your information seriously. The platform employs robust security measures to protect your data and ensure its confidentiality. This includes utilizing encryption protocols to safeguard your personal and business information. Additionally, KORI adheres to industry-standard best practices when it comes to data protection and privacy. We have implemented stringent policies and procedures to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and misuse of user information.

Are you ready to convert those sales leads into deals?

Join KORI today and receive a complimentary 100 KORI points as a warm welcome gesture. These points will empower you to connect with top-notch organizations, ranging from pre-seed startups to established IPO companies. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your network. Sign up now using the coupon code KORI.

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